On populist surge and traditional purge

In Society on 30. April 2017 at 20:59

THE DOMINANT POLITICAL narrative in the recent and upcoming elections are filled with myths that are taken for granted as truths. Political interest on immigration, its effect on the national unity, nationhood and its survival, globalization and the lack of sovereignty and the dominant of them all, populism, its surge, and the apparent almost purge of the traditional political landscape.


All form the central themes in an environment where de-industrialization and inequality increases popular resentment and anger towards an imagined elite. What is myths in this, and what are the truths. Are these concerns of nationhood, national unity, identity, multiculturalism, populism-vs-elitism, a new phenomenon? How to dissect the myths, and the realities in this inflated debate?

What effect does a populism that is based on tribalism have on the rights based order – and how do one enter a global order that can take into consideration the dilemma between choosing both democracy/rights and sovereignty? In the end, how is diversity in the current form, any different from diversity from our near past? Is multi-identity based citizenship possible or is such a project forever dead and bygone?

Of fate and the Arab soul

In Middle East on 31. March 2017 at 22:25

LAST TIME AN Arab leader was the head of an Arab empire was a time when we had yet to discover the delights of the enlightenment or the colours of the renaissance. Fatimid Empire, based in Cairo, was dominant in much of Arab peninsula, Levant and entire northern Africa. Its satellites, proxies and sympathisers were in Palermo, in and around Caliphs heartlands in Bagdad and among certain individuals of thinkers and philosophers who marked the Arab golden age.


Cairo of then and Cairo of today is nowhere near comparable. Neither its leadership, nor its populace – neither its economic reach, nor its political might. Looking abroad, there are petty Arab states that compete to be the sole representative of this people, but no one manages to be inclusive, popular or a source of stability for the entire segment.

Calibration of our cannons

In Europe, Uncategorized on 28. February 2017 at 22:43

THERE ARE SOME hard facts and realizations that are erupting in Europe. The coming surge of a nationalistic and inward-looking order is evident. It might be seemed a new trend, though many a countries have experienced just that.


We witness a stagnating and regional hegemonic Russia, completely different from the one born out from the worn out Union. We see an Administration in D. C. that tries to hollow out our main institutions of unity and security and we see an uncertainty, eruption of conflict and open war with people in need and refuge from south.

Solutions are many, and problems seems to be even more. However, Europe has what it needs to counter the tide, her cannons just needs a recalibration. Only abbreviation and threat to an isolationist and authoritarian tendency is exactly the liberal democratic order that dominates much of Europe, and until recently something to emulate around the globe.