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Calibration of our cannons

In Europe, Uncategorized on 28. February 2017 at 22:43

THERE ARE SOME hard facts and realizations that are erupting in Europe. The coming surge of a nationalistic and inward-looking order is evident. It might be seemed a new trend, though many a countries have experienced just that.


We witness a stagnating and regional hegemonic Russia, completely different from the one born out from the worn out Union. We see an Administration in D. C. that tries to hollow out our main institutions of unity and security and we see an uncertainty, eruption of conflict and open war with people in need and refuge from south.

Solutions are many, and problems seems to be even more. However, Europe has what it needs to counter the tide, her cannons just needs a recalibration. Only abbreviation and threat to an isolationist and authoritarian tendency is exactly the liberal democratic order that dominates much of Europe, and until recently something to emulate around the globe.

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