Old, Youth and the Crow

In Religion and philosophy on 26. March 2013 at 16:26

I found him approaching the old man. This youth, flushed in new found faith and self-esteem. He saw the old man’s prayer beans, he saw the mantles around his neck and he saw the dirt he was sitting on. He saw his rugged beard, which was a jungle in comparison to his moustache-free perfectly combed beard. His eyes screamed infidel, but his mouth said carefully ‘peace be upon you’ old man. And so they started the conversation;

We are close to two billion in the world, we must keep together, and in order to get together we must think together, be alike, be one. You have two hands, eyes, one head, heart and mouth. You look like me, yet you think different. In all the other we are the same, but your mind keeps us apart.

Will not the same apply for you, O young one?

It would have, but I have the right mind. I am following the right path, I have seen those who follow the truth, and those who follow it follow those who have seen the truth.

It is not enough for me to believe in a creator? The one who created you and me? Our body, soul and our mind?

By believing in the creator you are halfway to the truth. You have to submit yourself to the teachings of those who have seen the truth as well. And I follow those who follow those who have seen the truth.

But I believe in the messengers of the creator. Those who were chosen to deliver Gods words to humanity. To bring human once again back to its creator. Spiritually, before it is done by time physically.

You do not understand. These matters of union and spirituality are not yours to decide. It can only be solved by those who follow those who have found the truth. Your duty is to submit to their understanding.

But I submit to God, I am a submitter to God. I submit my soul, but the creator has given me wisdom – aql, why should I willingly submit it when it is not required?

You are near committing blasphemy. You have to submit your soul to creator and let the aql part be administered by those who follow those who have found the truth.

What if I belonged to your creed? Only that I defended a monarchy which by the grace of God is granted liquid black gold?

Those too are different. They saw the right path, but went arrogant. They are blinded by the black gold which is smeared all over their faces. Those who have seen the truth dislikes them the least.

What if I choose to follow the rites of those who dwelled the holy places before these nomads took hold of it?

Those were grave worshippers and involved in innovation. What remnants of the original faith were remained there? Those who found the truth by God almighty’s grace came as a mercy and given the holy places to protect.

By massacres, desecration of holy sites and violence?

In the fight for right path, you do not question, you submit yourself.

You submit to those ‘truth-finders’ but not to the values of the Truth Creator. It is no different than to proclaim divinity and claim monopoly on understanding what God means.

Those are infidels. Those who follow self designed Prophets after the last message was given.

I said you are no different.

Indeed we are. We are the truth. I submit to Truth, as understood by those who follow those who have found the truth.

If that is ok, then why cannot I follow righteous people not claiming to be Prophets? The many claimants who believe to have the word of God in their mouth?

Those are those who leave the faith – kharij. Some of them decided to leave the councils – itaazala. And some commit blasphemy by the mere belief they hold – raafida.

You seem certain on your belief. Wish I had the audacity to be that certain.

You will, if you follow those who follow those who have found the truth.

The youth sat down beside the old man. I observed they had the same features. Like father and son. Or perhaps even more, were they the same person? Only time set a part?

What to do with those who have not, or will not accept the so called truth?

They must be persuaded, by peaceful means off course. There is no cohesion in religion.

But there are the likes of you who want to go further. They want to ‘invite’ and if rejected they want to kill. What is your view on them?

They follow those who follow those who have found the truth. This is a minor difference.

A minor, as the one in believing in union with God – Wahdat-ul-Wujood?

That is a major difference. Our difference is on tawheed, the oneness of God. Please do not create conflict – fitnah – by talking of minor differences. It is forbidden, as told by those who follow those who have found the truth.

If it is forbidden, then why do you talk of conflict, declare infidel those who disagree with you on other issues, but claim to have found the Haq, just as you did?

As said, tawheed is a major issue

Human life is not?

I will not argue on such issues, it is forbidden.

O youth. You said we were close to two billion. How many are ‘we’ now when you have filtered the wrongs?

Enough to convince those who are in disbelief or mislead.

dervish and bird

Your fight has been ongoing since OUR faiths founder died, even going on since humanity was born. Do not expect to find success, the differences only strengthen. Sorrow will prevail and blood will flow.

At least I can struggle; I will try my best to follow the truth. You on the other hand are a convinced infidel.

Infidel I am indeed, by not submitting to your masters and your creed – I accept it as my baptism. Inviting and excluding is certainly a human privilege. My submitting to creator neither confirms my membership, nor declares my exclusion. Please youth, it is time for prayer, hope you find the mosque fit the description YOU prefer to be true.

The youth and the old man both entered the same mosque. Youth helped him to reach up the stairs. Far off I saw a man throwing out breadcrumbs. I decided to listen to my stomach the greatest pillar of faith, so I leaved the poor soul trapped in two bodies who were hearing the call of the Creator.

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