In Religion and philosophy on 6. August 2012 at 06:12

As obsessed and distressed we are with tidings on conflicts, riots, violence it be ethnic, religious or ideological and all evil humankind has come up with, I find relief – a pause from this overburdened and distressed world – within the four walls and lofty roof of a mosque. Not in ranks of prayer or among worshippers in remembrance but rather as an optimal platform to personally complain, curse, ask, cry and reflect with the One who touches our spiritual chords.

It is therefore of grief that this house of God – Gurdwara, masjid, church, mandhir, whatever we call this sacred room – and its visitors also fall victims to evil manifested in human form.

But then it is the heart which decides what is home or not – and neither faith, nor compassion is more at home than in the heart – then why be disillusioned? Supreme Being – this mover of supreme universes – resides in qalb; the heart. Those who use this sacred room to sow seeds of hate and deny it presence of goodness will never be able to remove that from those who provide it.

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